Contact Info


Jamie’s Cell Phone: +254-736-592-138

Kim’s Cell Phone: +254-735-068-114

Stateside Address:
c/o Jan Viands
88 Triphammer Terrace,
Ithaca, NY 14850

Kenyan Address:
Africa International University/NEGST
c/o Jamie Viands
P.O. Box 24686, 005052
Nairobi-Kenya, East Africa



Several of you have expressed a desire to send us care packages or letters in the mail. First of all, we love you! Secondly, we have a few tips from those who have been here a long time. We have been warned by our AIM office to discourage people from sending anything expensive or attention-getting as mail routinely gets opened and sometimes disappears en route. Flat envelopes such as cards or letters are fine. As far as packages, padded mailers are said to make it here better than boxes.

We hope this doesn’t discourage anyone overly much. If you’re willing to assume the risk and still want to try to send snail mail, know that it will be greatly enjoyed!