Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

If I could summarize life right now, I would use words like joyful, intense, blessed, changing. The kids are growing so quickly. Eliya and Carys are the “big girls” now. I’ve blinked, and the twins are no longer toddlers. And Baby Jonathan has gone from tiny newborn to robust tank of a pre-toddler, seeking his own adventures and just starting to stand on his own. I owe updates on all the kids, but on February 5th Jon turned one year, and this post is to share a little bit about him at this age.

Jonny (or Jo-Jo, or Ju-Ju or Booboobaabaa, depending on who’s calling him) is a thrill-seeker, and I am afraid of the daring stints he will try when we are no longer able to scoop him up into our arms. He knocked out his barely-emerging front tooth at around 8 months while pulling up on a chair and taking a tumble. I thought the little nub of a tooth had been pushed back up into his gums (after a quick internet search of such possibilities), but when I took him to a dentist, an x-ray showed no tooth hiding anywhere. The dentist told me it must have come out at the time of the fall. So, it won’t affect his bite apparently, but he will be lacking one tooth in front until his permanent ones come in. That’s ok, it will intimidate the other babies who try to mess with him in the nursery. He recently discovered he could stand up in the back of the bathtub, lose his footing, and have a fantastic slide the length of the tub (in an inch or two of water). He is thrilled about this and keeps trying to do it again and again whenever he has a bath. He crawls like a well-greased locomotive and has little interest in walking at this point–although just today he began standing for about ten seconds at a time and was pretty proud of himself, so he may be on his way.
He crawls to our adjoining neighbor’s door and slaps it three times and waits a few seconds before slapping again. When Aunt Sandy answers, he crawls into her house to see if her Christmas tree is still in the living room or just stare up at her while saying, “aaah?” When he sees something or someone that catches his interest, he holds out his hand, sometimes both hands. He plays peek-a-boo with strangers over my shoulder, and when I’m holding him and talking to someone, he plays hard-to-get by stretching out his arms and leaning toward that person and then turning quickly back to me if they reach for him. I think he’s going to be a little prankster.


He knows how to say “more” in sign language, and he loves to clap and be clapped for. He destroys lego structures with glee and still puts most everything in his mouth. Up until just a few days ago, sand and rocks were a major food group. He is quickly changing in that regard, and the past few days he has been known to play outside for more than a few minutes without ingesting everything in his path. He pulls hair good-naturedly, and loves to snuggle. When I pick him up, he hugs me tight and presses his face into mine, which I find so sweet. As a special gesture of affection, he will sink his teeth into my shoulder and then look up with a mischevious twinkle in his eye. Like some of his siblings at this age, he seems to gain comfort from pinching the back of my arm. If he knows he is doing something that’s a no no (like climbing up the stairs), he will always look at us with a big grin on his face before proceeding.

When I go to change him on our bed, he crawls like lightning to the other side. When I go around to get him, he shrieks and goes back to the other side, throwing his body around in reckless delight. His favorite activity seems to be pushing cars and trucks around and making “brrrrrrmm brrrrmm” noises. Although he is a snuggler, he is not one to be rocked to sleep. If he’s tired, he will fuss in my arms and only settle when I put him in bed. Then he’ll rustle around for a minute, sucking on different parts of his blankie (I’ve spied on him) until he drifts off  to sleep. He takes two naps a day and wakes up a couple of times a night to nurse. His food tastes seem to change a lot, but mostly he likes to eat what we are eating and disdains purees and baby mashes. He loves berries of all kinds, especially blueberries. He likes to throw his food on the floor as much as he likes to put it in his mouth. He makes a beeline for the toilet if he is in the vicinity and loves to throw his trucks into the bowl and splash around with his hands real quick before Mommy snatches him away. He said “Dada” first and more recently has said “Mama.” Those are his only words at this point. He likes to dance to music and often sings along, a hearty “aaahhhhh” that fluctuates in volume and pitch. He’s been really healthy, and we are so thankful! Watching him grow has been a complete joy. We are so thankful to the Lord for the privilege of raising this sweet little boy.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

  1. How crazy, my little 1.5 year old nanny kiddo sounds exactly the same in so many ways – mischievous for sure!! Hopefully Jonathan doesn’t also learn to turn on the stove, open the oven, and walk forward down the stairs by 18 months like ‘my’ little guy!

  2. oh what a joyful handfull! He makes Ezy look like a staid old man in comparison. Can’t wait to have them together!

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