Six Months!

It’s high time I gave an update on this little boy. Jonathan is a snuggler, chubby and sweet, with a deep, throaty man-chuckle when he is amused. He has survived four older siblings remarkably well, and he loves to watch them and be a part of the action. He has begun to crawl/scootch, which means he can now make quick work of anything in his path, slobbering and crinkling up books and destroying his siblings’ duplo creations (much to their changrined amusement). During his first few months, it was hard for him to settle at night until midnight. Gradually that moved back, until now he goes down pretty easily around 7 or 8 p.m. He gets up usually twice per night to nurse but goes right back to sleep again. He is such a happy boy, and he never really cries unless he has a good reason. The big kids love to play with him and hold him and make him laugh, and they are fighting now over who gets to sit next to his highchair at the dinner table. It is so much fun to watch each new development. He popped out two teeth at five months, and now he is enjoying his first tastes of bananas and avacados.We are really savoring each day with him, knowing how quickly this baby stage will pass.  We thank God for lending this precious boy to us.

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