Pond Life

We are attending “home school” week at the Rift Valley Academy next week. This week is meant to provide encouragement and standard testing for all AIMers who are homeschooling. There will be testing for Eliya in the mornings and fun extra-curricular activities in the afternoons. We are looking forward to it! Each child has the opportunity to share a 2-4 minute presentation of something they have studied this year. After throwing around many ideas, including monkey tricks, pole-climbing, and songs, Eliya decided to do her report on frogs. It has been raining since early March, record-breaking rains that have turned everything green and lush but have also caused major flooding. One of the benefits of the flooding is that the little marsh across the road from our house has turned into a full-fledged pond. It is teaming with life and has been the perfect study for four little people who love nothing more than poking a stick in the mud and collecting small critters. We have caught and kept tadpoles, mourned said tadpoles, watched countless videos about red-eyed frogs, poisen dart frogs, gliding tree frogs, and frogs that can eat birds. We caught a toad that could fit on a penny and felt chastised by its immediate demise, only to realize later that it was “playing dead” (and who could blame it? :). We found a tree frog in our house and examined its toes. Jamie took the kids out after dark to shine a flash light on masses of huge, deafening bull frogs in the ditch outside. All in all, it has been a highly entertaining and awe-inspiring study of one sliver of God’s creation. I have to admit though…I am about “frogged-out!”

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