A Special Visit

What a joy it was to have Brett and Kayla (my little brother and his lovely wife) come visit us last month from Warrenville, Illinois. They hit the ground running, literally…playing endlessly with our delighted children and soothing Jonathan to sleep after the big ones were in bed. Jamie, Carys and Eliya went with them on a safari and had a wonderful time seeing all the wildlife up close. We traveled to Machakos to show them our former home at Scott and our favorite Machakos restaurant, the T-Tot, famous for its mouth-watering samosas. They went to chapel with Jamie and sat in on one of his classes, and Brett introduced Kayla and himself in his newly aquired Swahili.  They painted with the girls and played games in the back yard, charging right through their jetlag to enjoy every moment. Brett managed to knock an avacado out of a tree, and he and Jamie played ultimate frisbee with some other guys on campus.They cooked us salmon in butter lemon sauce, and played dominion in the evenings and stayed up late with us laughing and talking. Today our kids are fighting over legos and who hit whom, but I hope ten, twenty years from now, they will love and enjoy each other as much as Jamie and I love and enjoy our siblings. Kayla is a photographer by trade, and it was so fun to see the memories she captured for us while they were here. Below is a little slide show, especially for the grandpas and grandmas.

2 thoughts on “A Special Visit

  1. Wow! Didn’t even know Brett and Kayla went to Africa. As always Kayla’s photography is beautiful. Blessings on you all.

  2. The photography is absolutely wonderful! Such special and treasured photos of everyone.

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