Baby Jonathan

One week ago tonight we were about to head to the hospital because my water had broken. I was eight days overdue and very ready! The next day we met this little guy face to face. We have been surrounded by such kindness as friends have brought us meals and rejoiced with us. It has been both tiring and fun adjusting to being a family of seven. The big girls are over the moon and want to help with everything, while the twins are somewhat ambivalent–though they do seem to like their brother. Below are some pictures from our first week together.

3 thoughts on “Baby Jonathan

  1. What a beautiful family God has graced you with! We are thankful to hear that you, baby, and family are doing well but know there are many challenging times ahead. We pray for parental strength and wisdom and that these little hearts will always be open to Jesus. Love, Liz Cook

  2. Good to hear from you—-family of seven, that added up quickly! He looks like a real healthy boy and a brother to romp with soon—won’t they have fun!
    So glad you have plenty of help and rest when you can —even a few minutes here and there. Love to all, G/Grandma

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