A Wedding in Kenya

Here are promised photos of the wedding of Daniel and Janet that I mentioned in our last post. This was actually my first time attending a wedding in Kenya due to our kids being so young, though Jamie has been to a number. We were given the go-down-the-aisle music ahead of time, and had a lot of fun practicing at home, mostly doubled over in laughter at our own inability to keep to the rhythm and our general lack of grace. Lo and behold, on the wedding day, it turned out that not only were we to dance down the aisle, but also back up. Then we were to dance into the reception area where many would join in, following a dance leader, escorting the bride and groom to their table. I don’t have pictures or video of the dancing, but trust me, we were a spectacle! 🙂 We are so happy for these two young people whom we hold dear…what a joy it was to witness their vows to one another and to be a part of celebrating their wedding day. Here are some pictures, in no particular order.

My handsome partner

A Kenyan feast….delicous!

We had a great time with the exuberant bridesmaids and groomsmen…they were a fun-loving group

The gifts were presented along with elaborate dances from different groups. The singles group at church had a choreographed dance that was quite impressive!

Cutting the cake

Taking pictures at a nearby hotel after the festivities were over

The procession of decorated cars marks the arrival of the bride

The guys wore sunglasses down the aisle

The lovely bride, Janet, tosses her bouquet

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