The Twins Turn Three

When I watch Daniel and Talia together, it makes me wish we all could have a twin. These two are the best of friends, and yet they still are very close with their older sisters. They spend their days together, fighting, playing, laughing, wrestling and hugging (they have a game called “hugs” where the grab each other and walk across the room until they fall down in a heap of giggles). They play off each other and learn from each other. They rolled over for the first time at almost the same moment. They took their first steps on the same day. If they are together, everything is a delightful game complete with squeals–very cute, but not so great in church when theys sometimes take off down the aisle toward the podium. It’s hard to grab two of them! Now they are big three-year-olds…I can hardly believe it. We feel so blessed to have been given the gift of twins.

Daniel is such a boy, running around chasing the girls and growling in a deep voice, “Me Santa Claus!” which is apparently the scariest figure he can imagine. Talia tells me Jesus is her favorite person while Daniel tells me his is Goliath. He marches around the house with his chest out and fists punching the air, and is just so different from his sisters! Yet he is tender hearted and notices when others are sad. He still has the softest cheeks and still snuggles into my arms multiple times daily. He loves filling up the sewer pipes with rocks, almost as much as he loves monster trucks. He has been glued to the road construction project outside our house and loves “instruction sites” and all the vehicles that go with it. He is very interested in God and has many theological questions, the top of which is “Why did Jesus and God make us?” A few months back he told me, “Jesus has owies on his back. When I get to be a big daddy, I will take Jesus to the hosipal.” I love his gentle and sensitive spirit.

Talia is like her name, Dew of the Lord and Brooke, a refreshing, vibrant blessing to all who know her. Her hair reminds me of milkweed fluff. She is a peacemaker (except when she’s overtired), and she is usually the first to give up a toy or share with someone. She is affected by the feelings of others and will sometimes whimper in the corner or cry if someone else is having a hard time. She is a total extrovert and will run into a new situation and dive right in (usually). She likes to interact with people and when an adult asks her how she is, she will usually start with a tilted head, “Wellllll, I am fine but….” and go on for a bit. She speaks in a tiny little voice, and when she is sad, it goes up about an octave into a tiny squeak. She feeds off the energy of others and is a natural entertainer. She expresses her love freely and liberally. As I snuggle with her in bed as she falls asleep, she will lean over and tuck her precious Elmo blankie around my face and whisper in my ear, “You are so wonderful, Mommy” or “You are SO cute. I love you so much!” or “You are the best Mommy in this family!”

I got a little carried away in trying to put together some favorite pictures and videos, so this is really long, but if anyone wants to see a recap of the past three years with these guys, you can watch the youtube video here:

It has been such a joy to raise these little tykes. We thank God for them.


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